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The Tree: Land sculpture.Heron Land sculpture. Future cityscape: Photomontage. Shapes in Space: Mobile sculptures. Trapped in Amber. Surrealist games:Photomontage. Heads in a crowd: Stone carving workshop | Molescroft Primary Land work and found object sculpture | Victoria Dock Sculpture Project | National Trust Longshaw Estate: Mobile Sculpture | Sharrow Lanterns | Charlie And The Chocolate Factory: Shadow Puppets | Wheeler Primary Sea Side Path: Sculpture | Sacred Space sculpture Project: Mosaic and Sculpture | Transition Workshop | Hull Dogs and Boats Heritage Project: Sculpture | Pass It on Project: Story telling, Music, Visual Arts | Sheffield Children's Festival: Sacred Animals of India | Giant Mini Beasts Workshops: Environmental Education and Sculpture | Reywell Woods: Environmental Sculpture and Imaginative Play | Future Cityscape of Hull | Building Block.

Alien space ship sculpture workshop. Sharrow Primary School (Y1), Sheffield. Recycled materials. 02 15


Furnace Park sculpture workshops  The Hare the Moon and the Fern: bench and seats
Sheffield 05-07-2014


Flambourgh  den making Workshops Molescroft primary school 06-06-14


Hornsea Burton primary sculpture project 07 13


Molescroft Primary 06 2013


Mount Pleasant Adventure playground, Sheffield  Bird box flats, Recycled offcuts. Open Access kids workshop.(05/13)


  More Cardboard cars and houses Sharrow Primary and Woodstock road 03


Barlby Primary School Workshops, patterns, shapes and structures found in nature
We explored the properties of  materials, looked at animals dens, birds nests and insects hives  mounds and webs. We considered design in relation to function. 4 to 11 year olds.(10/12)




Royal Horticultural Society at Wisley Gardens :
A series of environmentally based sculpture workshops themed on mystical and mythical creatures. designed for 3 groups of 15  young teenagers. We centered on unknown outcomes, risk taking  creative processes  through the exploration of both ideas and practical  engagement with the materials that the environment offered us. Our hands gave form to our self led and original imaginings.(10/12)




Molescroft Primary School. Patterns, structures and shapes in nature: Seeds, nests, pods and dens. Gathering found object to make structures and sculptures.(06-12)






Tinsley Green Nursery: Creative Partnership. Developing Communicative skills through self led play, using natural and recycled materials.11/10-08/11.

Kettering Lantern Parade 06/11 youth workshops and Skills training Day